Engineering and Medical Research

Engineering and Medical Research

Engineering is often considered to be concerned with the design and structure of buildings, bridges, and all manner of vehicles. The invention of the wheel is considered to be an ingenious invention of the past. Still, today we all take wheels for granted. Another example of engineering is the design and build of the ancient pyramids by the Egyptians, which was a remarkable achievement at the time. However, engineering also plays a vital role in medical science and clinical trials.

For example, the invention of the MRI scanner was borne out of applying sound engineering techniques but with an element of medical considerations too. After all, what is the point of designing a scanning machine without knowing its purpose beforehand? Then there is also the field of genetic engineering, where an organism’s genes are manipulated using biotechnology. A company called Antaros Medical is a leading exponent in the imaging and analysis of medical diseases and conditions and the efficacy of drug treatments. So Antaros could be said to be medical engineering analysts.

What is Antaros Medical?

Antaros Medical is a company that pharmaceutical businesses and medical researchers team up with to provide imaging trials and solutions to test how effectively a new drug is performing. This provides critical insights into the success or ineffectiveness of any new drug treatments enabling the customer to make vital decisions based upon accurate trialing information. They are able to undertake complex mechanistic studies and large-scale global imaging trials. Again this is allied closely to engineering techniques used to test the effectiveness of new construction materials and the design of new structures or machines.

Antaros is a specialist in many forms of research including, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, muscle conditions, liver and kidney diseases. Their solutions are designed to be informative about each stage of the drug or treatment trials so any adverse side effects or notable successes can be assessed within a given timescale. They can advise on the efficiency of any new procedure, much like an engineer would do with any new substance or architectural design.


Engineering encompasses many skills and knowledge bases and is usually a specialist occupation. Why not consider what field would suit you best but do not forget that engineering is also a formidable weapon against disease control. The design and testing of new vaccines owe a lot to the skills of genetic engineers who can map a condition’s DNA and find out how to stop a pandemic.