How to Use SEO Tools to Promote a Software Engineering Startup

How to Use SEO Tools to Promote a Software Engineering Startup

Startups have allowed many young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, putting revolutionary, innovative, and successful software on the market. On the other side, the business structure of a startup is extremely volatile and these companies may perform in an unpredictable way. Many of them rely on small budgets, or public funds, private investors, or crowdfunding. In order to be successful and avoid the appalling 60% failure rate faced by those businesses every year, they have to act fast and learn how to promote, sell their products, and attract new investors.

Build an Online Presence

When it comes to promotion, digital marketing is probably the best option. Websites and social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help to build a solid brand and client base. Actually, multichannel communication is now preferred, as each channel may be directed to a specific audience. For example, end-users will be easily reached with the help of social media pages or a well-positioned website. Customers looking for software solutions may land on your pages after a specific query on Google or through sponsored ads on Facebook. On the other hand, B2B (business-to-business) relationships can be built through channels such as LinkedIn or professional category associations.

Get the Right SEO Tools and Learn How to Use Them

In order to get the best results in a relatively short time span, a software engineering startup should have the best optimization and indexing tools on the market. In marketing, SEO refers to the techniques to rank high on Google. For example, if you visit, you’ll be able to learn what an SEO tool can do to boost your online presence. It’s not a single technique, but a number of actions: finding the right keywords, keeping track of your competitors, getting complete reports of your ranking. The complete set of information gathered through an SEO tool will be crucial to adjust your website content, together with code and meta descriptions.

Extra Tips and Advice

Planning a marketing strategy is as important as knowing when and how to adjust it or, eventually, completely change it. This is another good reason to gear up with an SEO tool: you’ll keep track of all your marketing actions and you will be able to study which one works best. One last thing: even the most successful advertising campaign may need some time to show its ROI (Return of Investment), so be vigilant, but be patient!