Engineering Education

Engineering Education

Engineering is an essential field in the modern world as it’s responsible for almost everything from the tiniest computers to massive skyscrapers. Since engineering itself is so vast and complex, it is broken down into different fields to make its study and application easier. This means countless students study the various fields of engineering in universities and schools around the world. Here are listed some of the most popular engineering degrees:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the study, design, and development of mechanical devices and tools. It is one of the oldest fields of engineering with its development ongoing for thousands of years, but it emerged as its own field during the industrial revolution of the 18th century. The study of mechanical engineering is extremely important in the development of practical use devices and tools that enable work in other fields.

Computer Science/Computer Engineering

Computer Science is the study of the theoretical aspects of computers and how they work. They’re responsible for creating software that is able to run on hardware with the help of kernels. Kernels are programs that facilitate communication between hardware and software. Whereas computer engineering is the combination of electrical engineering and computer science that enables one to work on both software and hardware and is not limited to the study of just one aspect. Computer science is a comparatively newer field with the majority of initial development taking place in the 20th century.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering concerns itself with the technical details of building physical structures such as dams, roads, buildings, et cetera. Even workers who built the pyramids can be regarded as civil engineers hence it is also one of the oldest fields known to mankind. Its study continues to help humans develop stronger and better structures over time.

Electrical Engineering

This field studies the electrical flow of currents and the workings of electrical devices. The pace of development in this field can accelerate or bottleneck progress in other fields making it very essential as almost every other technological field requires the use of electronic devices.