The Engineering Behind Apple’s Refurbished Products

The Engineering Behind Apple’s Refurbished Products

Today, Apple consumers no longer have to pay the exorbitant prices of brand new Apple products, talk of new iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks, among others. There is the used market, where buyers can snap refurbished Apple product deals on a budget. In this article, find out whether refurbished Apples are worth the money from an engineering perspective.

Certified Apple refurbished products have been engineered to offer the same performance as new products. They undergo rigorous testing, and were it not for legal reasons, they could be sold as new products. To guarantee users value for money and reliability, they come with the standard one year warranty that new Apple products tag along with. These products are also cheaper. A good example is a refurbished iPhone 12, which costs almost half the new model’s price.

The Engineering Behind Refurbished Apple Products

To understand the whole subject of refurbished Apple products’ market, it’s essential to know where these products come from in the first place, and whether they are new or used.

The truth of the matter is that Apple refurbished products are in use. They could have been returned under the Apple return program, where buyers can return a product they bought within 14 days. Such a product is in perfect condition only that it didn’t meet the expectations of the buyer. Another source is returns due to manufacturers defects. Some Apple products are delivered to customers with defects or develop problems within the warranty period. When such products are returned, they may be destined for refurbishment. The last source is the retail display units. The products used for display purposes in the retail stores are normally returned to Apple for refurbishment.

Hardware and Software Refurbishment

Now, on to the technical matters, what engineering do refurbished apple products undergo? Well, refurbished Apple products may undergo hardware or software refurbishment depending on the condition to ensure that they return to new state.

When it comes to the hardware, the engineers assess the hardware’s overall condition and implement the necessary repairs. If the unit had display problems, a new screen would be installed. If it were about the charging port, the engineers would fix a new charging system. Besides fixing the obvious problems, the company installs a new shell to ensure that the item is in pristine condition when it gets back to the market. A new battery is also fixed, and all accessories are supplied.

In some cases, the unit undergoing refurbishment may have software problems. In this case, the software engineers will erase everything and start afresh by installing the latest software compatible with the product.

Are Refurbished Apple Products Worth the Money

Refurbished Apple products are worth every penny considering the high-grade refurbishment process. They are also affordable compared to their new counterparts. But then, buyers need to make sure they are purchasing products refurbished by the company itself. Many third-party refurbishers out there don’t guarantee the same quality of refurbishment as Apple engineers.